CCTV in every classroom

Parental Control media, CCTV is installed in every classroom

Prayer Room

A room with capacity for about 100 persons,. It is used for both Sunnah and Fardu prayer. This room can also be used for learning activity such as Tahfidz (reading quran).

24 hours internet connection

WiFi internet connection in every classroom makes students able to access any information needed in the learning process.

Projector in every classroom

Multimedia -based- learning media also supports the learning process to become more presentative.

Fingerprint technology for student attendance

As an IT-based school, Primary Alfa Centauri is integrated with a fingerprint technology for student’s attendance.

Air conditioner in every classroom

For the comfort in the teaching and learning process, every classroom is provided with an air conditioner.

Vision and Mission

Primary Alfa Centauri was established on July 12, 2009 under the guidance of Taqwa, Cerdas, Kreatif Foundation led by Mr. Sony Sugema, M. B. A., who is also the owner of Sony Sugema College (SSC) learning institution. Currently, the school has been accredited with “A”.

In developing students’ character, Primary Alfa Centauri has missions as follows:


  1. Make the students to be godly, intelligent, creative, and independent
  2. Build and guide the students to have noble character
    • Honest
    • Clean and Neat
    • Independent
    • Discipline
    • Tough
    • Well-Mannered
    • Helpful
  3. Provide the students with life skill
  4. Make the students to get used to thinking open mindedly and scientifically, and to have a high curiosity and positive mind
  5. Optimize the students’ potential and talent
  6. To train students to be able mastering the information and communication technology with efectively and positively
  7. To create safe and hospitable enviroment for all the students with their each own charateristic


Ambassadors of Characters September 2018


Alfa Centauri Primary School is an inclusive school concern with the developing and strengthening the good characters in student`s education. The efforts can be seen from the programs referring to 7 characters of Alfa Centauri students, namely: honest, clean and neat, Independent, discipline, tough, well-mannered, and helpful
In this academic year, we choose Ambassadors of Characters every month. The students are assessed by their good habits during learning outside and inside the classroom and able to be the role models for other students.
Especially this month we have chosen the Ambassadors of Clean and Neat, and Independent.

Character Building


Character building is extremely important and it needs to be instilled in children when they are still young.
At this occasion, we chose to teach children how to wash clothes by themselves. Learning to master certain abilities requires various opportunities for children to practice those abilities with support and guidance from Teachers and parents. Parents and Teachers provide helpful atmosphere so that children can freely express their critical thinking and something that is thought or felt by them. Open communication and discussion of certain issues will open wiser insights and behaviors in dealing with something. Through habituation, adaptive behavior will appear spontaneously when the child finds something that must be faced.

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The Team

Eka Dewi Sulistiawati, S.Pd.I

Principal Primary Alfa Centauri

Welcome to Principal Primary Alfa Centauri

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, welcome to primary Alfa Centauri Bandung. Reaching the 9th year since the establishment of primary Alfa Centauri under Taqwa Cerdas Kreatif foundation which is currently led by Mr. Ihsan Ibadurrahman, S.Pd., M.H.Sc, we need to express our praise and gratitude to Allah S.W.T, for the trust given by the people towards primary Alfa Centauri so that this school still exists to and contributes in advancing the educational institution in this country. Taqwa Cerdas Kreatif Foundation implements education programs in Alfa Centauri for many levels: Elementary, Ssecondary, and High school. The essence of education in this school is to build a learning society based on piety, intelligence, and ability that need to be integrated and possessed by a student so it can greatly affect the competence in the future in facing global challenge. Therefore, primary Alfa Centauri comes by putting forward the character education, which can be a system that instills good character values, to all school members so they will get used to applying those good values to God, themselves, peers, surroundings, or even to their own nation, so they will become excellent human beings or Insan Kamil. We realize that the success of the school program comes from of a great collaboration between the school, the students and the parents. Therefore, we are really open to critics and suggestions from all parties in order to enhance the quality of education in primary Alfa Centauri. Thank you

Sayyidati Azizatush Sholihah, S.Pd.I

Vice Principal for Public Relations

Agung Pujiana, S.Pd

Vice Principal for Student Affairs

Nita Puspita Sari, S.Psi

Vice Principal for School Curriculum

Herdy Agrestiansyah, S.Pd

Vice Principal for School Infrastructure

2020-2021 PPDB (new student’s enrollment) information


Fill the registration form
Complete the requirements:

  1. Copy of birth certificate
  2. Copy of family card (Kartu keluarga)
  3. Copy of kindergarten certificate (if available)
  4. 3x4 ID photo (4 copies)
  5. Psychological development report from kindergarten
  6. Report of psychological test (if available)
  7. Report of therapy result (if available)

  8. Additional requirements for transferred students are :
  9. Attach a mutation letter from:
    • The previous school (if student is transferred from school located in Bandung City)
    • The previous school & the Education Authorities of the city (Dinas Pendidikan Kota) where the school is belong to (if student is transferred from the school located outside Bandung City)
    • The previous school and the Education Authorities of the city and the province (Dinas Pendidikan Kota & Dinas Pendidikan Provinsi) where the school is belong to (if student is transferred from outside West Java Province)
Willing to take phsycological test and interview

Session 4

1 June 2021 s.d 30 June 2021

  • Administration period 29 June 2021
  • Psychological test more information to follow
  • Psychological test result more information to follow
  • Re-registration more information to follow

Regular Program

Registration Form
Rp 250.000,-

Psychological Test fee
Rp 550.000,-

Development Donation Funds
Rp 24.500.000,-

Tuition fee
Rp 1.000.000,-

Dance/ Caligrapky/Karate and School Activity fee
Rp 3.820.000,-

Futsal and School Activity fee
Rp 4.100.000,-

Student Lunch fee (only for those who join)
Rp 16.000,-

Inclusion Program

Registration Form
Rp 250.000,-

Psychological Test fee
Rp 550.000,-

Development Donation Funds
Rp 26.500.000,-

Tuition fee
Rp 1.000.000,-

Futsal and School Activity fee
Rp 4.100.000,-

Dance/ Caligrapky/Karate and School Activity fee
Rp 3.820.000,-

Semi-individual Escort Teacher
Rp 1.000.000,-

Individual Escort Teacher
Rp 2.000.000,-

Student Lunch fee (only for those who join)
Rp 16.000,-





Scouts are extracurricular activities that must be followed by all students from grade 1 to grade 6. This is in accordance with the direction of the 2013 curriculum implementation, which requires that scouts is determined to be compulsory extracurricular at elementary school, junior high school and senior high schools, as well as vocational schools. Aside from being compulsory, SD Alfa Centauri makes scout extracurricular as one of first-rate extracurricular, which gives students the opportunity to be able to shape their attitudes, character, independence and other self-concepts based on observation, self-assessment, skills and performance.


Although swimming is only an extracurricular choice, swimming is still the top choice for students who have interest in water sports. Training the breathing methods, physical exercises, and posture improvement makes this extracurricular is more attractive to students of Alfa Centauri Elementary School.


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